Discover Why MaxiGlide Is the Best Hair Straightener

It’s the weekend, and you want to go out. You want to have the best-looking sleek hair, but you don’t want to damage your beautiful locks. What hair styling tool do you search for?

If you said the MaxiGlide XP, you’ve made an excellent choice. Unlike other steam hair straighteners, the MaxiGlide XP styles, detangles, and protects your hair, all in one step. It has all the advanced features to make straightening and styling a breeze. 

MaxiGlide XP isn’t the only steam hair straightener out there, of course, so how do you decide which is the right one for you?

There may be a lot of steam hair straighteners on the market, but they do not perform the same. It's important to explore different options, including features and functionality, so that you can be sure to straighten your hair. A quality steam hair straightener is not only going to straighten your hair faster but also keep your hair healthier.

Today, we’re comparing the MaxiGlide XP and the MaxiGlide RP against other hair straighteners. 

MaxiGlide XP vs. MagicFly

First, let’s look at how the MagicFly infrared steam hair straightener matches up to the MaxiGlide XP. 

The MagicFly boasts the following key features:

  • Infrared heating technology and buzzer switch
  • Static prevention
  • Steam technology
  • 2-inch width
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Swivel cord
  • Lockable plates
  • LED temperature display
  • Rapid heat-up (60 seconds)
  • Temperature lock setting

Not too shabby. However, on Amazon, the MagicFly infrared steam hair straightener only has 3.7 out of 5 stars for customer reviews. Customers have complained that the product snags their hair, gets too hot, or sometimes doesn’t even release steam. 

Now let’s compare the MagicFly with MaxiGlide XP. 

The key features of the MaxiGlide XP straightener include

  • Interchangeable detangling pins
  • Controlled steamburst technology
  • Digital temperature control
  • 2-inch width, to cover more hair in fewer passes
  • Protective styling ribs
  • Digital temperature display
  • Advance steam pump
  • Non-slip rubber stand 
  • Swivel cord
  • Water tank
  • Nano ceramic tourmaline
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes of non-use
  • Bonus flat plate (INSIDE)

Although many of the features between the two irons are similar, the MaxiGlide XP is the world's first multi-patented straightener and styler. It has multiple rows of precision pins to detangle and straighten in one step, so you’re also brushing your hair while styling. Combined with conditioning controlled steamburst technology, these features can take on even the most challenging hair types. The nano ceramic tourmaline gives you smooth, shiny hair with each pass. The ergonomic design, with protective styling ribs and temperature control, makes styling even easier. 

This is all fine and good, but what are customers saying about the MaxiGlide XP?

“I have very curly hair. This iron works really well for my hair!” says Natalie M., who gives MaxiGlide five stars.

“I’ve been a loyal MaxiGlide lover for about 13 years. By far the best straightener ever!” says Sonya I., who also gives it 5 stars. 

With more than one million happy customers, it’s safe to say that the MaxiGlide steam hair straightener is the ideal choice. It has the technology and design to quickly and conveniently give you salon-quality hair that you’ll love.

So even on your worst hair days, you can always achieve a sleek and shiny style in no time that has you looking and feeling great when you walk out the door. 

MaxiGlide RP vs. Redken and Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straight Iron

Now we're going to compare the MaxiGlide RP with the Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straight Iron.


The MaxiGlide RP offers a number of advantageous features, ranging from retractable detangling pins to controlled steamburst technology. There's also a non-slip rubber stand, making it easy for you to rest the plate down without burning yourself or anything else.

The Redken & Rowenta straight iron has a bulky stand, making it difficult for you to make room for it on your vanity counter. It also doesn't have the retractable detangling pins, so it takes longer to straighten frizzier hair. In the end, the MaxiGlide RP offers more features, ensuring that your hair gets the care that it needs.

Ease of Use

The MaxiGlide RP is so popular because of ease of use. Upon plugging it in, you can adjust the digital temperature control. While the Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straight Iron also has this same feature, it is more difficult to use because of the steam function. The MaxiGlide offers an advance steam pump, allowing you to add steam at the press of a button.

The Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straight Iron can get up to 410 degrees, making it easier for inexperienced or thin-haired users to burn their hair.

When you look at the ease of use between both of the flat irons, the MaxiGlide is the clear winner. It is simple to operate and comes with detailed instructions to show you how all of the features work. Tutorials offer an extra explanation to provide confidence.


There are plenty of reviews out there for both the Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straight Iron and the MaxiGlide RP. However, there are also a number of negative reviews about the Redken one, with about 10 percent of the reviews on Amazon being one-star. Some reviewers have complained about the unit breaking down and the water tank dripping.

All of the reviews for the MaxiGlide RP are positive, showing that people love the product, what it does for a person's hair, and how quick it is to get beautiful-looking hair.


The cost difference between the two steam hair straighteners is considerable. The Redken & Rowenta Salon Steam Infusing Straight Iron can cost between $400 and $500, depending on where it is purchased. Meanwhile, the MaxiGlide RP is only a fraction of that. More important, there are monthly installments available on the MaxiGlide, making it that much easier to obtain.

Overall, there's really no comparison between the MaxiGlide straighteners and the others on the market. In fact, the Redken & Rowenta straightener doesn't compare to the features found in the RP. By choosing MaxiGlide, you can save money, get more features, and have great looking hair in no time.

Purchase your MaxiGlide RP with us today. You'll love how quickly you can straighten your hair—and it can help you to achieve healthier looking hair after every use.