Why You Should Use a Steam Straightener

Your hair is a huge part of any first impression and your self-confidence. For this reason, you should do everything you can to ensure that your hair looks healthy and perfectly styled. But here’s the problem: many of the tools you use to style your hair are bad for its overall health. Traditional hair straighteners, for example, are notoriously destructive to your beautiful locks. Sure, they may help you get the look you want, but in the long run, they will leave your hair damaged and difficult to deal with. Fortunately, steam hair straighteners give you all the benefits of traditional hair straighteners, without the damage. 

All About Hair

To understand the advantages of steam straightening, you must first learn a little about the properties of human hair. 

Hair is made of a very strong material called keratin, whose unique chemical structure is responsible for hair's strength. Keratin helps hair endure the normal stresses of life; however, this strength makes hair very difficult to style. The bonds within keratin molecules make it very difficult to make straight hair curly, curly hair straight, or any other change you may desire. 

If you want to change your hair, you must manipulate the keratin molecule's bonds to gain the desired results. This can be done by using chemicals, which are typically harsh and damaging. Heat is also a way to break these bonds, but this can also rob your hair of moisture, causing significant damage. 

Traditional Hair Straighteners

As earlier mentioned, traditional hair straighteners will damage your hair, but they will also effectively straighten it. Straighteners use concentrated heat to break the chemical bonds within your hair. This allows the hair to chemically shift itself into a straighter position, as long as it’s held straight during the process. As you know, the hair will not remain straight permanently, but this method can keep it straight for an extended period of time. 

Unfortunately, traditional hair straighteners, during the process, rob the hair of moisture. This dried-out hair typically leads to heat damage. There are certain measures you can take to "mask" heat damage, but the only real cure for it is to cut the damaged hair and let it regrow. 

Fortunately, there is a tool that can give you the same results as a traditional straightener, without leading to damage. 

Steam Hair Straighteners

Hydration is very important for healthy hair, but traditional straighteners dry your hair. Steam hair straighteners function on the same principle as traditional straighteners, but they infuse steam into your hair, keeping it hydrated and preventing it from becoming damaged in the long run. A steam straightener is an upgraded version of a traditional straightener. 

Massood Max, the creator of the industry's most trusted steam straightener models, the Maxiglide RP and Maxiglide XP, found his inspiration in necessity. Growing up in the industry, he saw that the tools stylists were using damages hair. As a salon owner himself, he felt that he knew exactly what was needed. His intimate knowledge led him to create two of the most effective and safe straightening tools in existence.

Sometimes it is fun and exciting to change up your style. A different look may lead to an unforgettable night. But, you definitely don't want to damage your hair in the process. A steam straightener is a revolutionary way to safely change your hair without sacrificing health. The Maxiglide RP and Maxiglide XP are two of the best out there because they were designed by someone who intimately knows the business and the science. Contact us to see how upgrading your straightener is the right choice for your hair.