MaxiBrush Professional

The MaxiBrush is the worlds only fully adjustable styling brush that never tangles from any angle. 

Achieve Healthy, Shiny, Beautiful Hair With the World's Only Adjustable Brush!
  • Transforms Width from 2" to 4" in Seconds
  • Uses Gentle, Natural Bristles, that Caress Hair
  • Creates Tangle-Free, Salon Quality Styles
  • Saves You Time AND Money
MaxiBrush Auto-Locks in Place for Easy Styling
Auto-locks securely in place so you don't have to worry about readjusting while styling.
Evenly Disperses Heat so you can Dry your Hair Faster
Solid brushes can leave your hair scorched and dry when close to your blow drier and damp on the other side. Our special floating plates and air vents create airflow for hair to dry faster and more evenly.
Say Goodbye to Painful Brushes That Tangle
Gentle, natural bristles plus maxi brush soft tip detanglers are perfectly positioned to caress your hair for tangle free- ouch-free styles.
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90-Day Risk Free Guarantee

  • $29.95