SafeCurl Curling Wand

Finally a safe way to have beautiful curls. The SafeCurl curling wand creates stunning curls while reducing accidental burns to your skin. 

  • Reduces Accidental Skin Burns with Heat-Guard Technology
  • BPA Free Silicone Barrel Distributes Heat for a Safer Curl
  • The 1 1/8" Silicone Barrel Creates the Perfect Curl

What's the Secret?

The SafeCurl secret is the special silicone barrel with BurnStop™  Heatguard™ ribs that minimizes the direct point of contact with the skin. It slightly reduces the temperature at the edge of each rib, while remaining hot at the core, to perfectly curl your hair and protect your delicate skin and hair.

Protect Your Hair                                                                                       
SafeCurl protects your hair with superior heat protection by distributing the heat on the barrel, for a safer way to get beautiful curls, for healthy-looking bounce and shine. The 1 1/8" diameter and 7" long barrel creates the ultimate curls. Get bouncy curls & flawless waves while reducing accidental burns to your skin. 

Say Goodbye to Painful Iron Burns
SafeCurl reduces skin burns if you accidentally hitting or tapping your skin. Now you can create your favorite styles without placing an unprotected 450-degree hot metal curling iron near your delicate your skin, your clients, and your loved ones'.

What is BurnStop™ Heatguard™ Technology
The specially designed BPA Free Silicone barrel with BurnStop™  HeatGuard™  technology uses uniquely-designed channels with 1MM ridges to reduce skin burns.

Create All The Styles You Love, Without The Burns You Hate
Style while simultaneously protecting your hair by distributing the heat on the barrel, for a safer way to get beautiful curls.

Protects from Direct Metal Heat
Metal curling irons can get as hot as 450 degrees, which means potential danger for ears, forehead, neck, and more. The secret is the silicone barrel with  BurnStop heatguard™ technology. It has raised ridges that slightly reduce the temperature at the top of each ridge, while remaining hot at the core, to perfectly curl your hair while reducing accidental skin burns.

Special 1 1/8" UltimaSize Barrel For Perfect Curls
Create all the beautiful styles you love, without the burns you hate. SafeCurl is perfect for every type of hair because of the digital temperature control.
Perfect by Professional Stylists

SafeCurl is great for professional hairstylists who are in fear of burning their clients on a daily basis! 

See the Results
The SafeCurl provides great results on all hair types.

Hear what Women are Saying about the SafeCurl

"My entire family uses this!"

"This curling wand actually produces gorgeous bouncy curls, I love it!" - Niki B.

"Dummy-proof hairstyling!"
"I'm not very beauty-savvy when it comes to doing my own hair, but this wand has made it effortless for me. I have really thin hair so I'm always hesitant to use curling wands that could fry my hair. I've got nothing but positive feedback on this wand, I love it. " - Heather L. 

"Curls without the burn"
"I have crazy long super thick hair and I ALWAYS burn myself when I'm curling. This thing is a total lifesaver, and it's also been a timesaver for me as well. Even with the silicone barrel on the iron, it still heats up to 450 and curls better than regular iron." - Krissie T.  

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90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

  • $79.95