We Recommend the MaxiGlide RP!

Perfect for all hair types with 1 1/4 Inch Plates with Retractable Pins

The MaxiGlide RP is the worlds first multi-patented straightener and styler with steam-burst technology along with multiple rows of retractable pins to detangle and straighten in one easy step.
The ergonomic design includes protective styling ribs to prevent burns and temperature controls to make straightening and styling a breeze.
The MaxiGlide RP is ideal for all hair types.

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Maxiglide RP Instructions

"If you have textured hair, this is 100% recommended. No more 2 hours trying to straighten out my hair!"

- Jazmine

"I love it! You don't have to squeeze and yank it through your hair. Just hydrate and let it glide down your hair."

- Anne

"I'm a hair stylist and use the MaxiGlide on my clients. It works on curly hair, 4C hair, it will work on any hair."

- Alicia

MaxiGlide RP Product Details

  1. Retractable Detangling Pins
  2. Controlled Steamburst Technology
  3. Protective Styling Ribs
  4. Digital Temperature Control
  5. Digital Temperature Display
  6. Metallic Strip Curl Assist
  7. Advance Steam Pump
  8. Non Slip Rubber Stand
  9. Swivel Cord
  10. Water Tank
  11. Nano Ceramic Tourmaline
  12. Retractable Pins Button
  13. Auto Shut-Off (60 min)

Love It Or Your Money Back!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love using MaxiGlide that we’ll give you a full 30 days to try it out, starting from the day it’s delivered. If it isn’t the easiest and most effective straightener you’ve ever used just send it back for a full refund.

How To Use the MaxiGlide RP Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it work with all hair types?
A: Yes! Thanks to its adjustable heat, steam-burst technology, and retractable detangling pins, MaxiGlide RP is the perfect straightener for all hair types. Turn the temperature down for gentle straightening of thin or delicate hair, or turn it up to tame thick, unruly curls.
Q: How does the “steam burst technology” work, and why is it so important?
A: Just like a clothes iron has a steam feature to help relax stubborn wrinkles in a shirt, MaxiGlide’s steam-burst technology forces moisture into your hair. This makes your hair easier to straighten, while keeping it moisturized—so it won’t get dry or brittle (like other straighteners do). It’s especially important near your ends, which are usually the driest parts of your hair.
Q: How long will my hair stay straight?
A: Most people find that their hair remains straight until the next time they wash it, get it wet, or enter a very humid environment. You can greatly prolong the straight effect by using our Beyond Straight and THE END products.
Q: Can I use MaxiGlide to style or curl?
A: Absolutely! Just retract the detangling pins for easy styling and curling.