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Get Healthy, Shiny, Straight Hair With SteamBurst Technology

Award-winning MaxiGlide is so simple and easy-to-use... anyone can get silky, smooth, healthy hair with our patented retractable detangling pins and SteamBurst technology within just a fraction of the time it takes with other straighteners.

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The World’s Only Straightener That

Hydrates, Detangles, And Straightens In A Single Pass

MaxiGlide’s adjustable heat (190°-450°F) makes it easy to find the perfect settings for you. Turn the temperature down for gentle straightening of thin or delicate hair, or turn it up to tame thick, unruly curls. The unique combination of MaxiGlide's heat, steam, and built-in detangling pins straightens in a single pass… leaving your hair looking  smooth and polished in a fraction of the time — without the danger of dry, brittle hair you get with other straighteners.

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SteamBurst Technology

MaxiGlide SteamBurst Technology adds hydration during the straightening process which keeps your hair healthy and prevents hair damage.

Avoid Burns

Ouch! Burns are painful. MaxiGlide comes with special protective ridges that allow you to get closer to your scalp without the fear of burns.

For All Hair Types

Most straighteners require multiple passes which damage your hair from excess heat. The MaxiGlide detangling pins straighten your hair in one pass.

Reviews & Testimonials

"I love it! You don't have to squeeze and yank it through your hair. Just let it glide down your hair."

- Bri @brileone1

I'm a hair stylist and use the MaxiGlide on my clients. It works on curly hair, 4C hair, it will work on any hair."

- Alicia @alicianicolehairdesign

"I have frizzy hair and MaxiGlide is a dream come true. The straightening is soft, shiny, and lasts for days."

- Dolores from Riverton, NJ

"Easy to use. I would recommend to whoever loves the straight look without going to a salon."

- Yahaira from New York, NY

"I used the MaxiGlide and am beyond excited about my results. I have fallen in love with this iron."

- Kyra from Shreveport, LA

"If you have textured hair, this is 100% recommended. No more 2 hours trying to straighten out my hair!"

- Jazmine @jas.luv_

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Everything You Need For Flawless Hair

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Heat Resistant Travel Bag

Custom designed Heat Resistant Travel Bag, also gives you an easy workspace for your countertop and holds your hot MaxiGlide when you are finished.

Beyond Straight

This straightening serum helps reduce frizz and relax curls, keeping your hair straighter, longer—even in high humidity!

The End

The End seals and protects hair cuticles, preventing split ends and giving your hair a smooth salon finish.

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All Hair Types

How To Use The MaxiGlide

Maxius RP Instructions

Maxius XP Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it work with all hair types?
A: Yes. The MaxiGlide has a full range of products specifically designed for your hair type.
  • The MiniGlide Professional is great for people with short or natural hair. Perfect for quick touch ups.
  • The MaxiGlide RP is perfect for all hair types. The retractable pins allow it to also be used for styling that perfect look.
  • The MaxiGlide XP is perfect for challenging or coarse hair. The wider plates make it easier to straighten longer hair faster.
Q: What’s the difference between RP and XP?
  • The MaxiGlide RP has 1 1/4 inch plates + retractable pins | For all hair types
  • The MaxiGlide XP has 2 inch plates + retractable pins | For very thick or lots of hair
  • Both have steamburst technology and go up to 450 degrees in temperature.
Q: How does AfterPay payments work?
AfterPay is a program to help you get the products you want and make payments over six weeks. Here is how it works.
  • You pay the first 25% of the price today via credit card. The product is shipped to you immediately.
  • In two weeks, another 25% will be automatically charged to your credit card.
  • In two weeks, another 25% will be automatically charged to your credit card.
  • At the sixth week mark, the final 25% will be automatically charged to your credit card.
This makes it easy to get your MaxiGlide today and easily pay for during six weeks. Any missed or late payments will incur a fee from AfterPay directly, so please make sure to pay on time.
Q:What is the temperature range?
A: Absolutely! Just retract the detangling pins for easy styling and curling.
  • MiniGlide Professional goes from 190 Degrees up to 410 Degrees
  • MaxiGlide RP goes from 190 Degrees to 450 Degrees
  • MaxiGlide XP goes from 190 Degrees to 450 Degrees
Q: What's your return policy?
A: Yes. The MaxiGlide has a full range of products specifically designed for your hair type. MaxiusHair offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We know that you'll love the product and how your hair looks. If you wish to return your product or exchange it for a different product, simply call our customer support at 888-629-4875 or send an email at with your order number. Our customer service department is open from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.
Q: Can I use the MaxiGlide with wet hair?
No. In order to get the best results, it's recommended that you wash your hair, apply TheEND and BeyondStraight, then completely dry your hair before using MaxiGlide to straighten your hair.
Q: Does it work on shorter hair?
If you have shorter hair, we recommend purchasing MiniGlide Professional or MaxiGlide RP, which both have shorter ridges and allow you to get closer to your scalp. The MaxiGlide XP was designed to be larger so it can handle thick and coarse hair and it may not perform as well on shorter hair.
Q: Why is hydration important?
The MaxiGlide provides hydration to help keep your hair silky and smooth. To add water, remove the water tank then fill it up with distilled or purified water, then replace the water tank onto MaxiGlide. Use the steam button to apply the steam on the end of your hair, which is usually the driest part. Never use the steam on or near your scalp. You only need to press the steam button once per pass.
Q: Will the Detangling Pins pull my hair?
The detangling pins are designed to help your hair become untangled as quickly as possible. Similar to a brush, it's natural for a few hairs to become loose during the detangling process. We recommend first using the Beyond Straight then The End, then use a brush to remove tough tangles and knots in each section they are straightening. This should help eliminate or reduce the chance of their hair being pulled out when using the detangling plate.
Q: How long does the straight hair last?
Your hair will typically remain straight until the next time you wash it, get it wet or are exposed to a humid environment.
Q: Can I use the MaxiGlide to curl or style my hair?
Yes. For the best curls, we recommend using the MaxiGlide RP because after the hair is straightened, you can retract the pins for easier styling and curling.
Q: Will the MaxiGlide work in countries outside the United States?
The MaxiGlide voltage is from 100 to 240. The plug has the standard two prong plug utilized in the United States, but with a plug converter the MaxiGlide will function properly.
Q: Will my hair remain frizz free afterwards or will it go back to the natural texture?
Your hair will typically remain straight until the next time you wash it, get it wet or are exposed to a humid environment.