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"If you have textured hair, this is 100% recommended. No more 2 hours trying to straighten out my hair!"

- Jazmine @jas.luv_

"I love it! You don't have to squeeze and yank it through your hair. Just let it glide down your hair."

- Bri @brileone1

I'm a hair stylist and use the MaxiGlide on my clients. It works on curly hair, 4C hair, it will work on any hair."

- Alicia @alicianicolehairdesign

"I have frizzy hair and MaxiGlide is a dream come true. The straightening is soft, shiny, and lasts for days."

- Dolores from Riverton, NJ

"Easy to use. I would recommend to whoever loves the straight look without going to a salon."

- Yahaira from New York, NY

"I used the MaxiGlide and am beyond excited about my results. I have fallen in love with this iron."

- Kyra from Shreveport, LA