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Dry Shampoo 5oz

This quick-dry, non-stripping formula removes excess oil and product to refresh hair for the day. Near colorless formula won’t show on hair, clothes or pillowcase. Ideal for extending the life of your salon-style.  Absorbs excess sweat and styling products.  Refreshes and fragrances hair and scalp.  Lightly moisturizes hair.  Suitable for all hair types.  Shortens styling time.  Sweat resistant.  For use on dry hair.

It’s sparkling, yet sultry fragrance opens with subtle notes of bergamot spiked with zesty lemon. These delightful scents rest atop a bouquet of bright lily with a hint of fresh apple. Finally, the dry down enhances the depth of the fragrance with warm, inviting layers of leafy bamboo and green cedar.

Top: Bergamot, Zesty Lemon

Middle : Fresh Apple, Bright Lily

Base : Leafy Bamboo, Green Cedar   

KEY INGREDIENTS:   StrandGuard Complex® protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color or cause premature degradation of the hair structure.  Goji Berry and Red Wine Extracts enhance the StrandGuard Complex with additional antioxidant properties.  Nutritive Cascade Technology® delivers a cascade of peptides and natural plant proteins throughout the hair shaft to reinforce structure and improve strength.  Soy Protein provides additional structure and flexibility to the hair.  Our Certified Organic Hair Care Blend of Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root and Horsetail Fern extract adds to the conditioning properties of the product.   Paraben-free formula.

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